Proposed Railway Station - Statement

In December 2021, City of York officials met with Councillors from Haxby Town Council  to discuss a proposed new railway station on Towthorpe Road, which is a country lane in the green belt. The council have recognised that if we are to have a local station then it is fundamental that the evidence and assessment are analysed and verified by all those impacted the most by the installation. Therefore at the meeting of the Town Council on the 13th of December 2021 the following resolutions were made:

1. The proposed location on Towthorpe Road is not ideal and that a new park and rail should be located adjacent to the proposed dual carriageway (A1237) which has been in the original options report. 

2. In the event of the decision to place the station on Towthorpe Road, Councillors should work closely with City of York officials to mitigate any potential negative impact on residents and users, to ensure the best outcome for the village. 

3. Haxby Town Council and Haxby Ward Councillors should form a partnership to ensure a collaborative response to the press and public re the station. 

A statement was given on behalf of Haxby Town Council at the Executive Committee meeting of the City of York council on the 16th of December 2021 to register their opposition to the plan, based on the points raised above. The Haxby and Wigginton Neighbourhood Planning Committee, submitted details to the project team at an early stage in the process, which includes consideration of locating the station, by the A1237 as opposed to the alternative options. This contribution would generate benefits for the City of York supporting an integrated transport strategy with buses, trains, pedestrians and cyclists.

Further public consultation will take place in Spring 2022 and the council looks forward to hearing the views of residents on this contentious issue. Haxby Town Council would welcome the opportunity to engage with the project team as the plan progresses.  

Published: 26/01/2022 Published by: Haxby Town Council

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