Precept 2024-25

PRECEPT 2024-25

Haxby Town Council has taken the difficult decision to increase the precept for 2024-25. The increase per household is 4.99%.

For the average ‘band D’ property, this will mean an increase of £2.24 per year or just over 4p per week.

The primary reason for the increase is because the council intends to repair, refurbish, improve or replace various items of local infrastructure such as:

  • The children’s play equipment at Ethel Ward playing field and Mancroft playing field.
  • The pavilion at Ethel Ward playing field.
  • The various bus shelters throughout Haxby.
  • The hitching rail in The Village.
  • The notice-boards throughout Haxby.

Also, the council intends to continue to challenge the developers regarding the proposed housing development to the north of Haxby to ensure the best outcomes and appropriate infrastructure and services to support the proposed development. To that end, the council has procured the services of a specialist planning consultant.

The planning consultant will also assist in the development of the Haxby and Wigginton neighbourhood plan.

All of the above has necessitated the small increase in the precept, for which the council hopes residents will understand and support.

Published: 01/02/2024 Published by: Haxby Town Council

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