10 - Recreational and Open Spaces Committee minutes 21 03 2022


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Minutes of the meeting of the Recreational and Open Spaces Committee held on the 21st of March 2022 at Oaken Grove Community Centre at 7pm.

PRESENT          Cllr T Carmichael                             Cllr M Guilford

                             Cllr G Cockburn

                             Mrs L Winch (Clerk)

  1. Approve reasons for absence

            Proposed by Cllr T Carmichael, seconded by Cllr G Cockburn and resolved to receive the apologies of Cllr Preston.

  1. Disclosures of interest


  1. Minutes of the previous meeting

    Proposed by Cllr Guilford, seconded by Cllr Cockburn and resolved  unanimously, to approve the minutes of the committee meeting held on     the 21st  of February 2022.

            Standing Orders were suspended due to public participation.

            Neil Thorbinson spoke on behalf of Haxby Town Juniors re agenda item 11. The Clerk read out a statement from Dave Blakemore.  

  1. Review of a resolution made by the committee January 2021

            The Clerk has received written correspondence from five councillors wishing to review the following resolution as per Standing Order 7a,  

            Proposed by Cllr M Guilford, seconded by Cllr N Wyatt, and resolved unanimously that   the Haxby Council Officer responsible will only mark the lines of             the senior pitches and that the Haxby Junior Football Club will be asked to manage the line marking of the junior pitches in the new season starting August             2022.

            The resolution was reversed.

Ongoing Business and Progress

  1. Mancroft – update on damage to play equipment and fencing (January 2022)          

            Proposed by Cllr G Cockburn, seconded by Cllr Carmichael, and resolved not to replace the damaged fence at Mancroft play area.

  1. Installation of a defibrillator – Update on a quote to install

            The Clerk stated that the defibrillator cabinet is yet to be received and until that time installation cannot take place.

         7. Purchase of a picnic bench - Update on a decision to purchase / contribute to a second picnic bench at the Ethel Ward Playing         ​​​​​​​Fields

            No further action at this stage

  1. Review the installation of the play equipment at Ethel Ward Playing Fields

            The Clerk to obtain a quote to place an improved surface under the equipment.

  1. To review any outstanding actions from the council year 2021 – 2022

            Proposed by Cllr M Guilford, seconded by Cllr T Carmichael and resolved unanimously to dismantle and remove the table tennis table.

  1. Working Group update – use of the Pavilion

            Deferred to the next meeting of the committee.

Proposals for discussion and resolution

  1. To review the damage to the entrance of Ethel Ward Playing Fields

            Proposed by Cllr Guilford and seconded by Cllr G Cockburn and resolved to ask  a contractor to review the surface of the entrance with a             view to placing extended  hard standing towards the entrance area.

  1. Annual contracts with sporting organisations

            Deferred to the next meeting.

  1. Planting of memorial trees on Council owned land

            Deferred to the next meeting.

  1. Promotional Opportunities


  1. To notify the Clerk of any item for future agendas
  2. Next meeting date

    The next meeting of the committee will take place on Tuesday the 19th of April at 6.45pm at a venue to be announced.

Meeting closed at 8.00pm                                          …………………………………


(These minutes are displayed as ‘unsigned’ and are subject to correction at the next council meeting.)  

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