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Minutes of the meeting of the Oversight and Budgeting Committee held on Monday 14th of February 2022at The Oaken Grove Community Centre, Haxby at 7.30pm

Present:       Cllr M Guilford (Chairman)        Cllr D Rice
                    Cllr M Harrison         
                    Cllr M Preston                            Cllr N Wyatt
                    Cllr I Craven                                Cllr T Richardson 
                    Cllr G Cockburn                            Cllr E Pearson
                    Cllr T Carmichael    
1.    Approve reasons for absence
    Resolved to agree Cllr K O’Sullivan’s absence. 
2.    Disclosures of Interest
3.    Minutes of the previous meeting
    Proposed by Cllr T Carmichael and seconded by Cllr D Rice, and resolved to approve the minutes of the Full Council meeting held on the 14th of January 2022. 
4.    Communications 
    It was stated that the Standards Hearing had been adjourned for 4 weeks from the original date and that no future date had been set.
5.    Police Report 
    The Police report was received and noted. A question was raised re an incident in Old Orchard, but no further information was given at this stage.  
6.    Railway Station update
    Proposed by Cllr I Craven, seconded by Cllr T Carmichael and resolved with 9 votes for, and 2 against for the Clerk to write to Julian Sturdy MP to request that we ask him to make a representation to the Transport Minister / Secretary of State for Transport about the project and funding timescales to understand if there is any flexibility to undertake further / more detailed assessments of potential sites. 
7.    Library update
    Cllr Pearson advised that following some minor issues to resolve, the library project construction would be going out to tender with construction anticipated to commence in the Summer of 2022.
    Cllr Rice advised that a recent press announcement regarding the planning application for the library project having been submitted.

8.    Queens Platinum Jubilee
    Cllr R Pearson advised on a draft plan for the Jubilee weekend. The Carnival Sub-Committee had decided against taking on Jubilee preparations due to the pressing timescale of the carnival.
          It was resolved to delegate responsibility to Cllr R Pearson to act as a  representative of Haxby Town Council on the Jubilee celebrations.   
9.    Training
    Cllr R Pearson and Cllr E Pearson confirmed they had attended the Flying Start training with the YLCA. 
    Cllrs Guilford, R Pearson, E Shaw, E Pearson, I Craven, T Carmichael confirmed  hat they wished to attend the YLCA one day remote conference in March 2022.    
10.    Communications
    The Media Policy was discussed and noted.  
11.    Promotional Opportunities
12.    To notify the Clerk of any item for future agendas
13.     Next meeting date
     The next meeting of the committee will be held on Monday the 14th of March at 7.30pm at Oaken Grove Community Centre. 

The meeting closed at hours    Chairman……………………………………..
(These minutes are displayed ‘unsigned’ and are subject to correction at the next Full Council meeting.)

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