Update on Haxby Railway Station planning application

Update on Haxby Railway Station planning application

The original target for submission of the planning application was January but it has been pushed back to February by Network Rail (whose application it is). The new date for submission is 23 February 2024.

As completion has now been pushed back to December 2025 in any case (from the original December 2024), the minor delay in planning will likely not have any impact on the revised date at the end of next year for bringing the new station into use.

Officers from both Network Rail and City of York Council will attend Haxby Town Council’s scheduled/regular council meeting on Tuesday 5 March 2024 (7.30pm) at the Oaken Grove Community Centre, Haxby, to outline the key features of the planning application. Residents are welcome to attend.

Published: 18/01/2024 Published by: Haxby Town Council

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