05 Cemetery Committee Minutes January 2022


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MINUTES of the Haxby and Wigginton Cemetery Committee meeting held on Wednesday 12th January 2022 in The Council Offices, Memorial Hall, The Village Haxby, at 10.00am.

PRESENT:             Cllr D. Rice                   Louanna Winch – Town Clerk             
                              Cllr M. Harrison                
                              Cllr R Denton 
                              Cllr N Wyatt     
1.    Approve reasons for absence 
    Cllrs J Gates and S Finch 
2.    Disclosures of Interest
3.    Minutes of the previous meeting
    Resolved to approve the minutes of the Committee held on the 16th of November 2021.    
4.    Pest Control Update
    The Clerk gave an update to the committee, and stated that there had been only 1  incident reported since the last meeting. 
5.    Outstanding works and actions 

5.1    Kissing gate on Moor Lane – A new spring for the gate is required 
5.2    Works to be completed from the recent inspection

1.    The infill is now incomplete
2.    The soil heap remains, but a further request will be sent to Trevor Coates. Cllr Rice to meet Trevor at the area to review the access of the heap. 
3.    A no dogs sign on the gate is required
4.    A litter sign has been placed around the bins due to the recent issues with ASB. 
5.    The main gates require refurbishment and a new quote is required before June. 

6.    The moss and leaves on the side paths are still there – The Clerk to request that Michael Hill does a winter tidy up
7.    First seat on left dedicated to Eric and Joan Lomas, has litter around it, a sign is required to be tie wrapped on the seat. A litter pick will take place next on Tuesday. 
8.    Headstones on plot 9, gravestones 13 and 17, pictures have been sent and they have now gone. 
9.    Bush next to Charlie Driffields, now removed and requires strimming. 
10.    Seat which was condemned, has been removed. The plaque from the seat has now been placed on the memorial garden fence. 
11.    Sign required for the Garden of Remembrance, requesting the rabbit proofing to be removed from the individual shrubs. Small sign on each shrub to be placed. 

6. Requests from residents and non-residents

6.1 Approval for Garden of Remembrance shrub and bird sign to be placed, stake to be placed and resident informed. 
6.2 Reserved plot approved for a family with non-resident (Glasgow)
6.3 Approved for the plot to be bought back by the committee, and agreed for 2 new plots to be purchased. 

Resolved to approve the above requests
7. Finance 

7.1 Administration fees 
7.2 Financial Statements – 30th November 2021 
7.3 Budget figures 

Resolved to approve the above. 

Proposed by Cllr D Rice, seconded by Cllr M Harrison and resolved unanimously that the charges will remain the same for 2022 – 2023. 

It was noted that the committee meeting in January 2023 will review the charges to include an increase.  

8. Interments and Memorials
A list of interments and memorials was received and noted.  It was agreed to remove memorials and inscriptions from future reports. 
9. To notify the Clerk of any items for future agenda
The Clerk to report on how many interment plots are left in the cemetery to date.  

10. Next meeting date
The next meeting of the committee will be on Wednesday the 9th of March 2022 at 10am.  

There being no further business the meeting closed at 10.40am.

(These Minutes are displayed ‘unsigned’ and are subject to correction at the next Committee.)

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